We offer solutions that satisfy requests such as: exclusivity, design, technology dedicated to comfort and energy saving.
Our flagship is the user interface, made for Crestron systems that we install on the touch screens of the home, smartphones and tablets; really very very easy and reliable.
You will thus have “at your fingertips” all the services, practically a mix of safety, comfort and functionality.
A graphics with a very pleasant design and a truly intuitive navigation logic will become a part of your daily life, becoming familiar after 2 minutes of use, regardless of how large your residence is and how much you like technology.
A CRESTRON system made by EMMENET must be an improvement to your living conditions, more than just to add value to your home. And we make this our mission, rather then simply our business.

With a single “click”

you can manage your habits, schedule your activities, make the most of the potential of each device or technology, such as:

And so much more...

All this managed from a single device that can simply be your Smartphone.

Everything, of course, is done by paying a special attention to the costs.